A retired pandemic blog. Find me on substack at The Fajr Collective. Still writing about Loving Him, reconciling myself and healing.


  • Halimah Awofeso

    Halimah Awofeso

    I write about things that interest me like the books I read, movies I watch and random ideas in my head ....

  • Sanni Mutmainah

    Sanni Mutmainah

  • Haroon Khan

    Haroon Khan

    Storyteller | Copywriter | Poet | Selecta

  • Khadijah Sanni

    Khadijah Sanni

  • O. Halima

    O. Halima

    Striving muslimah.

  • A'ishah.


    Writing about the chaos in my head.

  • Idrissa Dioum

    Idrissa Dioum

    Épris du Prophète Muḥammad ﷺ, adepte du Modèle Politique de Médine la Société Idéale, Réfléchis à haute voix sur l'Islam, le Soufisme, la Culture Sénégalaise.

  • Kay Fala

    Kay Fala

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