Coconut Milk Crêpes & Salsa — A Nigerian Thai Fusion Dish

We ran out of milk and Corona will not allow us to be great (or allow us to afford milk). What we made was pure, accidental genius.

Coconut Milk Crêpes

Fresh Coconut Milk, blended & sieved

2 eggs

Sugar & Cinnamon


A pinch of salt

It’s some time past 10 and I ate two hours ago. However, I’m visibly angry. And hungry. Mostly hungry though. I get ravenous due to my meds. It doesn’t help that I torture myself looking at pages of cake vendors on Instagram. I’m getting angrier by the minute looking at pictures of moist chocolate cake.

My youngest sister, Sumayyah announces that she too, is in fact hungry and I tail after her hoping I can convince her to make an extra helping of whatever she’s making.

“Pancakes” she announces sadly as she rummages through the fridge. It’s a high effort meal for a meal that’s barely satisfying. We barely know how to make the perfect batter and I’m not too excited at the prospect of thin slices of pan-fried batter. Still, beggars can’t be choosers.

Now my mum has us all rationing milk during these trying Corona times. I’m also very interested in veganism so I’ve been thinking about alternatives to dairy. To understand why milk is essential to pancake batter, we must ask “What makes milk MILK?”

It’s the fat I realize. (This realization also comes from a side hobby of reading about food chemistry). And coconut milk has that in abundance. And we have coconuts at home in abundance.

The rest, as they say is history.


Dice up all three, fry in a bit of oil till cooked completely. A good gauge is till when all the water in the tomatoes are gone. Don’t forget to add salt and black pepper.

The crêpes are feather-light. A hint of coconut, the faint smell of cinnamon goes well with the savouriness of the salsa. At some point, I bit into some stray coconut I couldn’t sieve out, and I swear stars exploded at the back of my head. Or it could be because I was hungry. Either way, I loved it and you should try it.